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We have Western Engineers (North American, European) available to oversee your interests in China. We can provide the following services:
Bullet Check SmallestHave an American or European Engineer or Technician to perform standard China Inspection Services (Final Inspection, Factory Audits, Pre-Production Inspections, In-Process Inspections, Loading Supervisions)

Bullet Check SmallestOversee your transfer of information on new designs or design modifications to the China factory.

Bullet Check SmallestTemporary Workers or Virtual Office / Virtual Assistant

Bullet Check SmallestBe your company's representative in meetings or business negotiations.

Bullet Check SmallestAmerican or European Engineer to oversee your new products to be produced in China factory.

Bullet Check SmallestPlease contact for details and discussion. Pricing is per job basis (standard range is $400-$600 USD per man-day).

122nd Canton Fair Interpreters Special !!!

The 122nd Canton Fair October/November 2017 is a busy and important time for many businesspeople.

We will work hard as your interpreter and personal assistant so you can be sure to reach the best companies and get the best prices.

We have the best Interpreters, Assistants, Guides and Sourcing Agents with much experience at China fairs.